Nektan Slots and Casinos

An intriguing aspect of the Nektan name is the widespread lack of knowledge regarding the company’s founding date. But that’s not a big deal considering it’s the one responsible for releasing some really fantastic games.

Because of this, the developer’s wares can be found in the waiting areas of a wide variety of reputable online casinos. Nektan has put a lot of effort into making slot games, so you can be sure that you’ll have a good time playing their slots.

The History of Nektan


Nektan’s formal launch in 2011 provides the most definitive account of when it first began offering gaming material. Gary Shaw conceived up the idea, and as he had worked at St. Minver before it was sold to GTech, it had an early leg up.


Shaw recruited seasoned professionals to help him launch and run Nektan, and the company quickly established itself in a crowded marketplace. Nektan went public in 2014 as a public limited company (PLC), bringing in £4.1 million.


After reaching an estimated £50 million in value, it developed the Evolve platform independently. Nektan’s partnership with major gambling brands like LeoVegas has led to projections that the company’s gross gaming income might reach £19 billion by the end of 2018. However, Nektan didn’t submit its financials until December 31, 2019, until the beginning of 2020.


Grace Media, for the sum of £200,000 negotiated by the administrators, acquired the business-to-consumer division. Nektan eventually admitted a loss of £9 million throughout 2019, and things have become worse since then. Nektan had its B2B operation acquired by Markor Technology after the UK Gambling Commission suspended its license effective April 27, 2021.

An Overview of Online Casinos Powered by the Nektan Platform


Although Nektan is no longer a functional company, that hasn’t stopped internet casinos from offering their games. In reality, the developer’s slots can still be found in the lobbies of many of the best online casino platforms today.


By doing so, they ensure the continued existence of the Nektan name. You, the player, may expect a top-notch gaming experience on these sites thanks to the latest titles released by the service’s providers. Despite the fact that all future releases will now be released under the Markor label, there is no doubt that Nektan’s games are an asset to a casino’s game lobby.


Nektan used cutting-edge industrial technology to develop their games, which was always improving. As a result, their older releases sometimes seem dated, while their more recent ones consistently provide excellent pleasure.


If you’re familiar with Nektan games, you’ll recall the high standards of production they adhere to. We all want to play the best games when we visit our favorite casinos, right? Nektan software increases the variety of a casino’s game lobby by including themes from a wide range of entertainment genres in its games.

Intro to Nektan’s Virtual Slot Machines


Even after many years in the industry, Nektan’s library of games was rather small. However, this is the case since the company prioritized quality over quantity. This is the case for a number of different providers of online software; for example, Nektan offers 40 different slot games.


These include a wide range of topics, from pirates to parties to fantasy to Westerns to Christmas. As a result, if you visit a Nektan casino, you can rest assured that you will have access to a wide variety of slot machines.


In general, it is true that Nektan’s releases have an RTP rate of roughly 96.3%, which is around typical for video slots. While it’s true that some other developers offer greater RTP rates on average, Nektan is hardly the worst option.


Determining if a release is high, medium, or low in volatility is challenging, however it can be claimed that these games are fun for players of all skill levels and preferences. However, they all share the ability to entertain thanks to impressive plots and beautiful visuals.

Nektan’s Crucial Business Alliance


The Nektan name has grown in stature thanks to the many alliances it has formed throughout the years. The partnership with Evoplay Entertainment was perhaps one of the most significant ones. Through Nektan’s E-Lite distribution system, the latter entered the UK market.


Inconsistencies in Nektan Games

No one ever wants to run into trouble due to their interest in online gaming. The whole gaming experience can be ruined if this happens. However, there is a correct procedure to follow if this ever occurs to you. Initiate communication with the Nektan online casino’s support staff.


They will make an effort to address your concerns head-on. Nektan and Markor Technology are not available to address customer concerns, therefore you shouldn’t try to get in touch with them. The casino’s customer care will notify a manager if necessary.


Can You Trust Nektan Online Slots and Casinos?

It’s unfortunate that this developer can’t continue operating on their own, as we said earlier. Over the years, it has released a number of popular and innovative online slot games, contributing to the company’s rise to prominence. The games from this brand may still be distributed to casinos by Markor Technology, but you won’t be seeing any new titles from Nektan anytime soon.


Having said that, Nektan’s existing games are excellent and should not be missed. They have great designs, appealing visuals, and entertaining extras.


FAQs About Nektan

Can I play these Nektan slots for nothing?


Yes, you can play for free or for real money while using games from this developer.


What are the finest Nektan casino bonuses to look for?


To learn more about the most recent Nektan casino bonus offers, feel free to return to this page at any moment.


Is there a secret to winning with Nektan slot machines?


Playing the wheels of Nektan slot games requires only that you choose a sensible gaming technique. The results of your spins cannot be altered by any other means.






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